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Hip Openers in the Primary Series

  • Meadowlark Yoga 43 Argyle Place Edinburgh EH9 1JT United Kingdom (map)

“Digging for Gold in the Ashtanga Yoga Practice: a detailed look at the Hip Openers in the Primary Series”

Janu Sirsasana (head to knee posture) and Marichyasana (posture of the Sage Marichy) are jewels in the primary series for the hips. They are also digestive postures, helping the practitioner move waste out of the body when done correctly with breath and bandha.

Here we will dive into our hips with detailed research on how to make these seven postures more interesting and worth our time and effort. Let’s dig for gold to find out how these poses can bring us into Ekapada Sirsasana (leg behind the head pose).

There are surprisingly many vinyasas in and out of these postures - fourteen total - to enter and exit these postures. This builds strength and stamina in the practice. We will review the correct vinyasa in and out of these poses that could potentially be an enjoyable release of both a backbend (upward dog) and a forward bend (downward dog).

Pre-requisites: an established primary series practice up to Marichyasana D

Cost: £35

Photo: by Fi Phillips Photography, Sarah in Marichyasana H